Five reasons to go to a farmers market this weekend


Looking for something to do this weekend? Here's five reasons that you should head on out to a local farmers market!

  1. The amazing local produce. If you’re any kind of meal planner, the farmer’s market is a great time to stock up on produce for the week, as well as pantry staples like local honey and coffee. If you’re making a day of it and just starting with the market, consider packing a cooler with some ice packs to keep any fruits and veggies fresh in the car for the day.
  2. The food. The food stands at local farmers markets are usually packed with some of the city’s best on-the-go delicacies. Whether it’s barbeque, sandwiches or ice cream, rest assured you will find a snack that fits your fancy while wandering the booths.
  3. Stock up on gifts. If you’re a holiday season pre-shopper, or you just have a lot of birthdays coming up, farmers markets are full of handmade, artisan wares perfect for the loved ones on your gift list.
  4. The atmosphere. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a farmer’s market. Even with a few less people and booths farther apart, it’s magical to be able to reenter a space where people are laughing and eating, while musicians are busking and children are playing. After the last year, it’s refreshing to be able to walk into a space that recaptures what we’ve been missing.  
  5. Great excuse for a day trip. Most farmers markets take place in the morning, making them a great place to start your day of exploration and fun. Whichever community you chose, visit our home page to find other activities to fill your visit!

For a list of Waterside community farmers markets, click here.